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Inspiring Talks and Expertise with Catherine Sharman, Functional Nutrition Therapist



Renowned Functional Nutritional Medicine Therapist & Chef

Catherine is one of the UK's leading Functional Nutritional Medicine Therapists and healthy eating expert, an award winning chef and nutrition expert for leading publications.

Catherine is a rare combination - a passionate, talented chef who, due to her own health concerns, trained and qualified as a Functional Nutritional Medicine Therapist. She really loves food and couldn’t find the food she, and her body craved.

She knew that if she developed delicious tasting meals designed around our body’s needs to support peak health, that others would want them and benefit from eating them too! The products are all restaurant quality (we don’t say that lightly - Catherine honed them in her restaurant, before opening her food production kitchen so she could reach more people).

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Functional Nutritional Medicine Therapist


Catherine Sharman is a renowned Functional Nutritional Medicine Therapist, healthy eating expert, and award-winning chef. With expertise in the field of wellness, she is highly regarded in the UK. Catherine also shares her knowledge and insights through engaging wellness talks and speaker events, inspiring audiences with her expertise. Additionally, she serves as a trusted nutrition expert for leading publications


Discover the power of Functional Nutritional Medicine. Get personalised support, functional testing, delicious recipes, and follow-up guidance to optimise your health.


Uncover the root causes of your health concerns and receive tailored recommendations for your diet and lifestyle, along with targeted supplementation.

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Functional Nutritional Medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare  that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues through personalised nutrition and lifestyle approaches. It combines principles from functional medicine and nutrition to optimise overall health and well-being.


Functional Nutritional Medicine practitioners consider the unique biochemistry, genetics, metabolic health and individual needs of each person to develop tailored treatment plans. This approach emphasises the importance of nutrition, gut health, hormonal balance, detoxification, and lifestyle factors in promoting optimal health and preventing chronic diseases. By addressing underlying imbalances and supporting the body's natural healing processes, Functional Nutritional Medicine aims to restore health and enhance overall vitality.

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